Tapak Telu

Translated by Putu Agus Bratayadnya

Collaboration Project of Dita Gambiro, Wayan Sujana “Suklu” and Ngurah Sudibya.

Tapak Telu is a collaboration project between 3 Artists, Dita Gambiro, Wayan Sujana “Suklu” and Ngurah Sudibya, which are coming from different discipline, meet in one project. What interesting phenomenon from this project is their works from each individual conception and those are met together with a concept. On this collaboration, they carry Tapak Telu concept, which has meaning trilateral. Trilateral is a form that have a lot of meaning in many cultures, likes there is golden section trilateral,  Bermuda trilateral and in certain religion likes Hindu, there is many trilateral/three concepts likes Tri Murti, Tri Datu, Tri Sula, Tri Hita Karana etc.  Golden Section trilateral is used for translating spiritual concept, on above corner is reference to The Suprime God and for twin below corner is reference to human and life or nature. In Tri Hita Karana concept, those references are as regard relationship between human and God, human and human and the last human and nature.

Because of its trilateral concept on this collaboration project made the 3 artists evolved their works. Dita evolved happen and not happen concepts with approach cycle of birth, grow and death (shattered), then from this concept he translated into simbolic delegation with the use of human body and combination of meru. Meru is pentagon form of Hindu temple in Bali that the structure of floor is smaller to its top. Human , life circle and meru simbolize of imortalitas.

Meanwhile Suklu talks about bamboo facture that he responded trilateral concept with bamboo composition with trilateral concepts. In his works, Suklu gave more space for meaning process from this form. He believes that in this phenomenon save many concepts and meaning who match with context of space and time in many cultures. So trilateral on Suklu works is an open composition phenomenon form from many variety of meaning.

Deferent with Ngurah Sudibya, who is already long time to explore trilateral concept from Hindu philosophy. As an artist from dance department, he focus on performance composition in his performance to response this trilateral concept.  From paradoks on binary opposition, black-white, noon-night, He produced transition phenomenon, gray colour. In life binary of paradox opposition always following by transition phenomenon (in between) and this concept he translates to his performance. Ngurah Sudibya makes his performance to response Suklu and Dita works, also Ngurah makes those works as section of his performance. In this collaboration project,  relevance is happen between concept and style from each exponent so it will present of many mixing artistic and aesthetic phenomenon.

Desember 16 Des 2010

I Wayan Seriyoga Parta


Unity in Diversity Collaboration Exhibition on 22-27 des ’10

Translated by Putu Agus Bratayadnya

Text by I Ketut Murdana

Art appreciation Horizon is opener if back up by extensive observation and consciousness change towards “creative intelligence.” Creative intelligence is  intelligence unity of scientific thinking with the creative process. Intelligence could arise through a variety of activities, observation, selection, interpretation, contemplation, sublimation and so forth. Observation activity has very important position related to issues in thematic and visual creative process. Through intelligent observation in an effort to position the historical background of various artifacts and aesthetic moments presented from earlier works. It is clearly a role to find creative territory. Intelligence was found intensity when fully supported by adequate practical skills in an effort to express images after going through the selection and interpretation that arise in the process of observation. Configuration is the process of observation and practical strength with one of the unique features of its form, a personal intensity that is able to put them self in the area of creativity. Creative struggle is towards the realization of authenticity that determines itself as a power of identity.

Arts Collaborative is a way, which is very important to measure the quality of expression, appreciation, contemplation and others that affect the rise of a new passion for art beings especially in an effort to form a creative intelligence as “characteristic” education of Arts Iinstitutions that distinguish from other non-academic Institutions.

Faculty of Fine Arts and Design (FSRD), Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI) Denpasar with Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts (ALVA), University of Western Australia (UWA) will held a joint exhibition at  ISI Denpasar on  22nd of Desember 2010 up to 2nd of January 2011 at the Kriya Hasta Mandala Exhibition Building to achieve the desired academic quality with appropriate vision and mission of each Institutions.

The works are presented together from both Faculties from two countries, which have different cultural backgrounds in the exhibition space with a very diverse visual presentation. Historical series are presented ranging from classical art, realist, expressionist, abstract until the postmodern with a variety of touch, which is sometimes very intriguing. First, it was something that escaped from the view turned out to be a moment of aesthetic that be able to creatively in last. Piles of bricks, rocks, terracing, screwdriver, dolls, masks, puppets, dancers, cows, birds, Balinese alphabet (rajah), human objects and others say the issue containing aesthetic value and struggle of new meaning. Aesthetic values and meaning in question of each work, its intensity is different from one another.

Serving framing aesthetic values who want to fight for artists such as social critique which begins from the sensitivity to the natural environment, the power of technology that helps the process of destruction of nature, the question of personal images, signs or symbols that appear represent the personal statement. Intensity of charges both has different variations. On one hand, It is interesting to note as a transition to a paradigm, one side appeared some very personal moments of aesthetic eloquence respond to the work presented is very compact and harmony but on the other hand need to creative to the intensity of the maturation process. Something is usually happen when the personal still in education college. Here it is interesting to note in this exhibition, happen a leap of thinking and imagination addressing developed of the aesthetic world and change the value of the external culture. Both can be viewed as a statement of self (self-assertion) via a work of art. Both these tendencies are expressed himself and united, represents an essential aspect to all living systems (Capra: 1982.43).

When it thinks one by one, it coasts long time and tiring, overall it is the intensity observed by public appreciator through selection, interpretation, contemplation and other personnel who determine next steps. Will all these things will prosper in the world creative competition, would wait patiently and take care, to make strong.

Happy exhibiting