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Jan 27

UAS BHS INGGRIS (evening gown)

Posted on Senin, Januari 27, 2014 in Tak Berkategori

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Evening Gown

Fashion is one of many important things for women. For example makeup, hairstyle, smiling and especially important is the clothing worn. All of this explain the taste of a million woman-owned. Of course, all women in the world want to describe his best when outside from the home such as semi-formal occasions like any non-formal. Fashion and style conscious people are always concerned about their dressing. They would not be satisfied until they have bought all the perfect accessories and clothing. Similarly, people are very particular about the  suitable wear for different times o the day.

Like a fashion party tonight. Fashion theme of the dress is evening gown.  Evening party dress is the clothing worn on the occasion of evening party. The selection of material that is soft and finer-textured. The fashions look fancy or glamorous. Colors used more striking, both modes or decorations more luxurious. The materials for a party dress usually uses sumptuous materials. Like a dress made ​​from a blend of chiffon fabric, velvet fabric, silk fabric and bright purple, make this dress look glamorous and elegant. The purple color represents luxury, royalty, wealth and elegance. Coupled with pleats around the chest makes the appearance looks sexy chest. Plus ornate crystal stones on the chest and waist so impressive luxury.

This dress is also sweetened with a little short-sleeved vest decorated with silver sequin detail so it looks more elegant and at the knees on the dress used circle technique or level that makes the dress looks luxurious and certainly the texture of the fabric is very soft that makes facilitate the wearer when walking. This party dress is very suitable in use by teens to attend formal events such as evening party, anniversary, birthday party, etc. For additional accessories can combined with necklaces, earrings simple and the color is not exactly same with the party clothes that look flashy accessories.

This dress is perfect in combined with high heel and a matching color still, because the wearer more visible so tall and beautiful. However, the high heel is not too visible because of the length of the dress to the ground. Wearing a dress that’s covered  in sequins, fringe, or other eye-grabbing details, then nothing will set it off more than a pair of simply dynamic shoes. But a pair of shimmery, glistening, over top evening shoes will really add punch to basic evening gown.

Jan 24

Halo dunia!

Posted on Jumat, Januari 24, 2014 in Tak Berkategori

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